About Us

Our story began December 2016. Being completely oblivious to the silent extinction of the giraffes that has been taking place, we stumbled across an article that brought new light to our eyes. We continued the investigation and found shocking news - news that needs to be spread, and this is when our passion to save the giraffes began. 

Just since 1985, 40% of the giraffe population has been wiped out due to poaching and the destruction of habitat. While humans are the primary cause for this extinction, they can also be the solution. Our solution is to spread awareness through our clothing, bringing cheerful and empowering designs to be worn by anyone and everyone who wishes to be a part of the solution. 

Every purchase you make helps to save these gentle giants by donating 10% to a charity of your liking. We offer the option to choose between the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Giraffe Exhibits at Free Admission Zoos, or the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, which all aim to enhance the lives of giraffes, both wild and captive.